Lety Martinez

Hi, nice to see you here!

Welcome to my Personal Work & Experience page where I share the work I've done in life, my skills and hobbies. 

If you'd ask my friends, they would say I love doing high conscious business and spirituality, being passionate and professional, exceeding my goals, enjoying nature and a nice and healthy lifestyle. ​

"When I see my destination, I go for it passionately… paying attention to the signs not to get lost!"



Work & Experience

Sales Manager of Jazzercise
Mexico, Argentina, Spain

​1998 - 2018


  • ​Development of franchises and responsible of sales and growth of the Jazzercise program in Mexico, Latin-America and Spain

  • Business coaching and consulting, management of the franchises and support to franchisees

  • Organization of special events 

  • Marketing assistance

  • New programs, procedures and systems implementation 

  • Launching of new studios, programs and classes

  • Quality control

  • Customer service

  • Website editing manager

Partner at Franchise Specialist



Franchise Consultant for Spanish speaking franchise investors looking to operate in Latin-America or in the US

Fitness Centers Business Owner

​1995 - 2010


​Owner of 7 Fitness Centers & Studios in Guadalajara and one in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Jazzercise Franchise Owner

1993 - 2018


Jazzercise Franchise Owner in Mexico


​​1998 - present


​Writer of a weekly column on fitness and wellness "Vida Sana" in Mural, one of the main newspapers in Guadalajara from 1998 - 2002


Constantly writing articles and blogs on lifestyle, spirituality, business coaching, harmony, universal laws and more 

Trainings & Certifications

​2004 - present


  • ​Business Coach 

  • Lifestyle Coach 

  • Wellness Coach 

  • Fitness Trainer & Instructor

  • Reiki

  • Harmonizing spaces

  • Energy healing

  • Dimensional energy

  • Human Design

  • Akashic Records

  • Mayan Cosmology

Event Coordinator 

1998 - 2018


Creation, planning, organization, coordination of small, medium and large scale events, nation wide and internationally


Creation of different kinds of events 2+ times per year:  seminars, health & fitness presentations, business conferences and workshops  


Some of the cities where events  took place:

  • Mexico City, Mx

  • Guadalajara, Mx

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mx

  • Cuernavaca, Mx

  • Puebla, Mx

  • Hermosillo, Mx

  • Zurich, Switzerland

  • Las Vegas, US

Jazzercise Studio Owner



Owner of Jazzercise Studio in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mx

Fitness Instructor & Trainer

1993 - 2015


Jazzercise certified instructor.

Training and certification of new instructors in Mexico

Website Design

1998 - present


Website creation, design and editing

Online Marketing

1998 - present


Email marketing

Sales pages​

Online calendars

Contracts and agreements 

Social media campaigns 

Online conferences 


Online workshops

Payment systems

Retreat Coordination 

2018 - present

Planning, logistics, organizing and coordinating

  • Before, during and after retreat

Menu planning

Emergency procedures and waiver


Customer service

Eye to details

Marketing strategy

Projects, Jobs & Volunteering

Your Soul Treasures

Ciao Moo!

Administration of a vegan ice cream - coconut milk based - factory in 2019

  • Systems creation and implementation

  • Conscious business strategies

  • Constant growth planning

  • Customer service program 

  • Automation of processes

Retreats & Worskshops Coordinator

Personal development, wellness and spiritual retreats and workshops at high-end Hotels and Yoga Studios

Planning, coordination and marketing for other leaders and for my own Retreats 

Your Soul Treasures

Creator of Your Soul Treasures 

A life & business coaching service for conscious growth, development and transformation

YourSoulTreasures.com (English)

LetyMartinez.com (Spanish)

Rodar para Vivir

For 18 years I've had the privilege to coordinate, organize,  be in charge of PR and logistics, as a volunteer for positioning seating clinics, bringing adjustable wheelchairs from the US in donation for people with disabilities in Mexico and Latin America 


My team and I have provided mobility for over 1,400 to the disabled poor 



Spiritual Program Coordinator

Launching of study groups, classes and Spirituality centers in Guadalajara, Mexico 

Coordination, marketing, events, training of volunteers, organization and administration

Marketing Karla D'Lara

Development of PR and database of contacts of the mayor Interior Design and Architects firms in Miami in 2010  


Karla de Lara is considered in the art world as the most recognized Mexican POP plastic artist of this time

Recently recognized with the International Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist award, given by Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo at the Majestuoso Palazzo Borghese in Florence, Italy in January 2018





Wellness Coaching

Business Coaching

Franchise Consulting

Teaching & Training

Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing

Event Planning & Coordination

Systems Creation & Implementation

Fitness, Healing & Wellness

Website Creation


Non Profit Organizations​


​Interior Decoration​​

Fashion Design

Gourmet Cooking



Art & Painting











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